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Tour For Muggles Walking Tour

Hey wizards!
Last week, I wrote all about my adventures to Kings Cross on September the 1st, so today I want to talk about the waling tour we did right after!
As London is a bit of a journey for us, we decided to make a day of it and do a walking tour in the afternoon too. After a bit of research I decided on Tour of Muggles as their reviews were great, and they only do Potter tours so I thought they must really know their stuff!
We did have to get the tube to London Bridge for the start of the tour, but the instructions you're given on how to get to the meeting place and very easy to follow and we found our tour guide - Luke Lestrange - without any problems.
We were a bit early so we had to wait until everyone else arrived, but it gave us time to get our shopping sorted (as we had just been to Noble Collection - more on that next week!). We decided to give Dougal the Demiguise and Gatsby the Niffler a nice view of London from our bags!

I don't want to spoil the tour for peopl…

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