Giant Lego Hogwarts!

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Today we're starting off another series - merchandise! I have an embarrassing amount of Harry Potter merch, so I thought it would be fun to break it down into different categories and show them to you! I do want to emphasise that I'm not trying to show off, and I know that I am extremely lucky to be in a position where I can purchase merchandise - it just seemed like a nice idea 😊 I'd also love to see your merchandise - be sure to post pictures in the comments!

I thought it would be best to start the series off with an overall view of my bedroom, which is where I keep all my merch!


Yikes, that's a whole lot of Potter!

If you're wondering, the lifesize cardboard cutout of Newt isn't as unnerving as I thought, but maybe that's because at night when I take off my glasses at night I can't see much anyway!

My newest (and definitely my favourite) piece of merchandise is the GIANT Lego Hogwarts. This has been on my wish list since it was announced, but I thought I'd just never be able to justify spending that kind of money (£350!) on some Lego. However, I've always been one of those people to save all their Christmas and birthday money, so when I was having a bit of a rough time and saw it was on sale, I decided to treat myself and I am SO GLAD I did, it is as incredible as it looks!

As you can see, when it arrived I was surprised by just how giant the box was, but then it does have 6,020 pieces! I have built some of the other Harry Potter Lego (I am also lucky enough to own Newt's Case, Grindelwald's Escape, Quidditch, Whomping Willow & Aragog's Lair) so I was used to 3-4 different bags and an instruction booklet, but this one has 37 bags, and 4 huge instructions books!

It didn't take me as long to build as I expected, but it was probably a lot longer than most people! It took me about three and a half weeks, as I was only able to to a small amount each day due to my carpel tunnel. It was a very addictive build though, and I often built a bit more than I should have because I wanted to see what was next!

Let's just ignore the fact that I totally measured wrong and it doesn't quite fit, shall we? 😂

I absolutely adore it, I often just stand in front of it, staring! I could just look at it for hours, there are so many little details, you can really tell that it was designed by people who love the castle, and so much thought has gone into it.

I decided to display it so you can see the outside of the castle, but none of the classrooms. It is actually built in two sections though so is easy enough to move if you fancy a change and want to turn it around!

As you can see, it's not to the same scale as most Lego builds - this is in microscale so that the whole castle can be built without it being absolutely enormous! I wasn't sure about it at first, as I thought the microfigures would look a bit silly, but you really don't notice any difference after a while.

Prepare for A WHOLE LOT OF PICTURES!! I did take these pictures as I was building it though, so there aren't any of the microfigures in them - I put them on after! You do get quite a lot of microfigures (27!) including all your favourite students and teachers, and some miscellaneous students from different houses. I was really impressed by the number of them, and how much detail they managed to get on them when they're so tiny!

Excuse any dog hair, haha! 😉 I mostly built it on the floor, and often had a little hairy "helper"!

Firstly, my favourite details on the outside of the castle:

I have always loved the boat house on the giant model of Hogwarts at the Warner Bros. Studio, because it has a teeny tiny detailed weather vein on the top, so I was very excited to see that it was included in this Lego version!

The designers made sure to include something from every book in the series, so we have:
  • The tasks from The Philosopher's (/Sorcerer's) Stone
  • The Chamber of Secrets and Myrtle's bathroom from The Chamber of Secrets
  • Dementors from Prisoner of Azkaban
  • The dragon from the Triwizard tournament in The Goblet of Fire
  • The Room of Requirement and Umbridge's office from The Order of the Phoenix
  • The Potions classroom with a very familiar looking textbook from The Half-Blood Prince
  • The bridge we see Harry, Ron and Hermione on at the end of The Deathly Hallows
They have really brought the books and the films to life, and included so many of our favourite places, objects and characters. Even the way you build it was carefully thought through - as you start with the boats, then the boat house, the foundations and the great hall, as if you were actually journeying to Hogwarts yourself!

I love that all the houses of Hogwarts are represented in the great hall, with a banner for each house! Unfortunately the lighting wasn't great for this photo, but the stained glass windows are really beautiful when held up to the light. I know some people have actually lit the castle from the inside to show off the windows and it just looks stunning

The Chamber of Secrets is the first 'proper' thing you build, other than foundation, so I was VERY excited when I saw it! It is, of course, built into the rock like in the books.

As you move up the tower you find the staircases (which of course move!), Moaning Myrtle's bathroom, and Dumbledore's office, complete with his Griffin door (definitely my favourite pun of the series!).

The second section of Hogwarts starts off with the Potions classroom (left) and Room of Requirement (right). I know a lot of Lego enthusiasts don't like all the stickers used on this build, but I personally love the extra details they give that just wouldn't be possible otherwise.


We also have the tasks from The Philosopher's Stone, including the Devil's Snare (which you can't actually see when both parts o f the Castle are put together but I just love knowing it's there!), the keys, the chess board, and of course the Mirror of Erised (which I actually did a little cry about, it's so teeny and perfect).

This little Chamber of Secrets sticker made me do a little squeal too!

Of course you couldn't have Hogwarts without the DADA classroom! It even has a sticker of the skeleton we remember from Lupin's stay in The Prisoner of Azkaban, lenses from when Moody/Crouch taught in The Goblet of Fire, Cornish Pixies from Lockhart's rather questionable teaching methods in The Chamber of Secrets, and of course Umbridge's exceedingly pink office from The Order of the Phoenix.

And last, but by no means least, the Gryffindor common room, complete with a portrait of the fat lady! There are obviously lots of parts of the castle that wouldn't fit (I would have really liked to see the Herbology greenhouses myself), but it is just breathtaking, and I had such fun building it. I might even rebuilt it one day if I'm feeling brave enough! 😜

If you can't tell, I am absolutely head over heels in love with it! I would definitely highly recommend it - it is on the more expensive end, but I think it's worth every penny.

If you are thinking about purchasing one for yourself and want to see the finished castle in more detail, this video with some of the designers is really interesting and has loads of close-ups!

Gosh, that was some start to the series, huh? I promise they won't all be this long 😂

Thank you for sticking until the end,
Don't let the Muggles get you down ❤️


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