Holding a Real Owl!

As I wrote earlier this week about Jo liking my tweet, I thought I'd continue with another cool experience I've had - holding a real owl!

Back in 2017, I was on holiday in the Lake District, having a surprisingly Potter-y time. After finding some goodies in my favourite book shop, Sam Read's in Grasmere, who were celebrating 20 years of Harry Potter, I had gone on a shopping trip to Ambleside where I found a new shop Gear which had just started stocking Harry Potter merch! Of course I couldn't resist, and I treated myself to a new bag and a grim mug, as well as a Slytherin glass for my dad.

On my way back to the bus, I saw someone with an owl! They were raising money for a local bird sanctuary, and you could pay £1 to hold the owl for a few minutes. I was really surprised to see that no one was taking them up on this offer, so of course I had a go!

Isn't she (at least I think she was a she!) beautiful? and surprisingly heavy! I guess they're probably all muscle but wow they've got some heft to them! Unfortunately she didn't deliver my Hogwarts letter, but it was so lovely to meet her, and give her a little stroke. By the time I had finished there was quite a queue, so I'm glad I got there when I did, and I hope they raised lots for their great cause! I did have to run for the bus, but it was definitely worth it 🦉.

I usually find some way to accidentally make my holidays Potter-y, whether it's holding an owl, eating my bodyweight in treacle tart in Baldry's, or buying a fabulous Daily Prophet crate in a garden centre, I just can't seem to help myself!

I'm actually going back in a few months, and I wonder what will happen this time!

Stay magical ⚡


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