My 10 Favourite Things to do in the Lake District

Hello friends,
Happy Sunday! Sorry I've been away for a little while, but I was on holiday in the Lake District with my family. I had a wonderful time walking, eating cake and napping, and have returned very relaxed and ready to go!

Today I wanted to share with you my favourite things to do in the Lakes. I have visited there at least once (usually twice) a year since I was 16 (this year marking 10 years since my first holiday there). The Lakes holds a special place in my heart - my parents went on their honeymoon there, and more recently my brother did too! I hope to maybe get married there someday.

With the Lake District you do run the risk of rain - and we certainly had some at the beginning of our holiday - but when the weather is good it's beautiful, and this time I even saw a red squirrel for the first time! 🐿️

So, without further ado - here are my 10 favourite things to do in the Lake District!

1. Walk the Coffin Trail. This is my favourite walk do to: it's a lovely circular walk from Grasmere to Rydal and back again. It is a little steep at the start but the rest is flat, and the hill is worth it for the views! There is a lovely little Christian tea room at Rydal which does delicious cakes! It is called the coffin trail because Rydal doesn't have a cemetery so the coffins had to be carried to Grasmere to be buried: Wordsworth would have been carried along this route from Rydal Mount to his final resting place in Grasmere church. Along the way you can see a lot of large stones that were used to rest the coffins on as it is quite a long walk

2. Visit the Pencil Museum in Keswick. I know is sounds crazy - a whole museum devoted to pencils? But it's actually very interesting, and home to the world's largest pencil! Definitely worth a visit, and the shop is excellent if you enjoy art.

3. Shop in Ambleside. With all that walking sometimes you need a rest day! Ambleside is my favourite place to do a little light shopping: there is an Ollivander-esque book shop with little winding staircases; The Apple Pie do excellent (you guessed it) apple pie; the Old Bridge Fudge Shop have fudge in every flavour you can imagine; the Post Office is full of little tourist-y nicknacks; the Rock Shop sell crystals in all shapes and sizes. My personal favourite is a newer addition to the town: a shop called Gear which has a whole Harry Potter section! The first year I bought a Platform 9 3/4 bag, a Slytherin beer glass for my dad and some "Muggle Studies" water glasses. Last year I got an Umblrella. This year I couldn't leave empty handed, and as well as a backup battery (for my trip to Kings Cross on September the 1st!), I got a mug with a beautiful lightening bolt handle, and a little purse in the shape of a Howler.

4. Walk around Buttermere. Buttermere is a bit tricker to get to (from where we usually stay in Grasmere), but it is worth it. It's my favourite lake and absolutely gorgeous. I could spend hours padding in the water and enjoying the views!

5. Visit the Lakeland Motor Museum. I'm not a big fan of cars, but I always find this really interesting. As well as all manner of cars and vehicles, they also have old toys and I love it when my mum points out things she used to play with as a child! They also have a fun little mini arcade made from old games, and a very interesting Bluebird exhibit.

6. Visit Rydal Mount. I love the romantic poets, especially Wordsworth, so we have visited a lot of the places he has lived over the years. Rydal Mount remains my favourite, despite not being as well known. While the tour in Dove Cottage is very interesting (I'd love to sit and have a cuppa with the tour guides: they know so much!), Rydal Mount is where Wordsworth spent most of his time, and you can see a lot of his belongings and notebooks in the display cases. You can even get married here in the beautiful grounds, and it's a running joke in my family that this is where I'll tie the knot.

7. Walk around Grasmere. We always stay in Grasmere as it's very central so you can do a lot without having to drive anywhere. It has lots of little shops and restaurants so you can spend the whole holiday on foot if you want to! On our first full day (usually a Sunday), we always walk around the lake before going to Tweedy's for lunch; it's a nice little walk and I usually get some paddling in. This year it was a bit wet for that though!

8. Shop in Grasmere. Usually once we have had our lunch in Tweedy's we have a wander around the shops. There is a lovely tea rooms right on the lake - Faeryland - where you can feed the ducks and drink an excellent cuppa. I actually bought some loose leaf tea from there this year which I am excited to try. You can hire boats from here and row across the lake, although I've yet to find someone to go with! Of course I also highly recommend Grasmere gingerbread, which I always eat my body weigh in, and if you're looking for a book shop Sam Read is full of informative and helpful staff.

9. Eat in Baldry's. It can be tricky to get a table in Baldry's in the summer, but that only proves how fabulous it is! We usually have at least one lunch (I love the cheese scones!) and breakfast (bacon roll for me please!) here, along with MANY afternoon teas. They do the biggest treacle tart I have ever seen, along with coke floats (coke, or any other fizzy drink with a scoop of ice cream in), orange drizzle cake, shortbread slices as big as your head and more. I could happily visit every day, although I don't think my waistline would thank me for it!

10. Walk around Tarn Hows. I am not a fan of the drive to Tarn Hows as it always makes me car sick, but the walk is worth it. Tarn Hows is man-made, but you really wouldn't guess it as it's absolutely stunning. Because it was made by a man for his disabled wife though, it is flat with a good path so you can easily push a wheelchair or a pushchair around it. This time we even noticed that you can hire motorised scooters if you are unable to walk around it yourself; so you can still enjoy the gorgeous views. It is quite a short walk but I always thoroughly enjoy it, and there is usually an ice cream van in the car park that we like to stop at before heading off!

I hope that has been helpful for anyone planning a trip to the Lake District. I absolutely adore it there, and can't wait to go back again!

Have a magical Sunday! ⚡


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