Looking for a job in publishing!

Hello there!
Today's post is a little different than usual: not a Harry Potter related thing in sight! Stick with me though, I will be back to the usually programmed fangirling soon!

Those of you who know me in real life will know that I own a wool shop. Well, I used to own a wool shop. Unfortunately I recently had to close after 4 wonderful years, as it just became impossible to compete with online retailers, so I am currently looking for a job!

My aim has always been to get into publishing somehow, as I love words in all their shapes and forms, so it would be a dream come true to be involved in the industry. While I have had my moments, I don't regret taking a detour with the shop at all, because I have learnt so much from it, and it really has been a  wonderful experience.

While I don't have much experience in publishing, I am very open to work experience placements or internships, so that I can learn as much about the industry as possible. I can't wait to take the skills I have developed from running my own business and use them to build a career doing what I love.

You can find my LinkedIn here if you would like more information about my experience, and if you hear of any opportunities in the Bristol / Bath area please let me know! You can contact me on LinkedIn, or by emailing dobbyssockdrawerblog@gmail.com.


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