My Favourite Hufflepuff ❤️

Surprise surprise, it isn't Newt Scamander! 😮

Meet Mollie, my 14-year-old cocker spaniel. I got her when I was 12, so I've now spent more time with her than without, and she's the sweetest, most loving little fluffball to ever exist. She may be a grumpy old lady sometimes, but she's a big soft Hufflepuff at heart! She often helps me write these posts ... and by help I mean glare at me for not petting her:

That's a face that definitely says "stop writing about me and cuddle me!!!".

Her tag recently broke (it was pretty much illegible after all these years anyway) and while I was looking for a replacement I found this Hufflepuff one that was just Potter-tastic!

They do them in all the houses too, although I think most dogs are probably Hufflepuffs! What did we ever do to deserve dogs? Or Hufflepuffs, actually.

Poor Mollie has been sick the past few days, but she seems to be through the worst of it now, so we've got our fingers crossed. She's tough as old boots really!

Love you to Hogwarts and back, my little hairy Hufflepuff. ❤️


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