My SpeakBeasty-aversary (totally a word).

Prepare yourselves - it's about to get seriously sappy in here!

A year ago today, I woke up to find a very special email in my inbox; from Seraphina Piquery herself!

A few weeks prior, I had applied for a three month social media internship placement with SpeakBeasty: a Fantastic Beasts podcast hosted by MuggleNet. I was absolutely desperate for this placement - I really admired the hosts and loved the show, and wanted to find a way to be part of it. I remember agonising over my application and worrying that my lack of knowledge of Tumblr would mean I wouldn't get accepted (which is very funny now I look back on it, as I now do the Tumblr for SpeakBeasty!). I added my favourite meme in the hopes that it might make whoever was looking at the applications chuckle. Even after a year of scouring the internet for memes, it still remains my favourite. 😂

I was very nervous about meeting my fellow interns, and the larger SpeakBeasty team, but everyone greeted us with open arms, and after 3 months of the most fun I've ever had while getting to call it work, I received another email memo from Seraphina Piquery (all the owls must have been on holiday!), asking me to become a permanent member of the team. I don't know how I got so lucky to end up working with such an amazingly talented, smart, passionate and big-hearted team who accept me for who I am.

Now, some of you might be thinking: "But Jennifer, didn't you own a wool shop at this point?". My family were certainly confused too, but this is a volunteer position that I give a few hours of my time to each week, so it can be done on top of another job. And I certainly intend to! I hope I can see it out until the very end, as I have so much love for the podcast, the team involved in creating it, and the listeners. 

I'm even currently helping to plan and take part in livestreams on SpeakBeasty's YouTube channel with fellow listeners! Patreon members in the SpeakBeasty common room have the chance to take part in these livestreams, where we are revisiting old episodes and seeing what we have to add now we have more information! I love seeing old predictions: it's surprising how many of them are spot on!

This is definitely something usually miles out of my comfort zone, but it's so much fun getting to nerd out with my friends! I was even a guest host on Episode 79 back in January, which was such an incredible experience, and I hope to be able to do it again sometime!

If you haven't already, I highly recommend checking SpeakBeasty out: it's the only exclusively Fantastic Beasts podcast out there; the hosts are hilarious; there are so many puns; there's always a really good blend of opinions so it's never one-sided; and if I say so myself, the social media accounts are pretty cool too. 😉

Stay magical! ⚡


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