Visiting Gloucester Cathedral.

Happy Tuesday!

Today I thought I'd talk about visiting Gloucester Cathedral last summer! I had been to Gloucester before, but only ever seen the cathedral from the outside, and as it was used as Hogwarts for Harry Potter, of course I had to visit!

I went with my best friend, as she wanted to go to the Lindt and Cadbury shops (which were excellent - the Lindt shop had things you can't usually find in supermarkets, and you could do a pick-and-mix! We may have bought an embarrassing amount of chocolate).

After filling our boots with chocolate, and popping to Primark to stock up on Harry Potter pyjamas, we went to the cathedral. It doesn't take long to go around, but it is free entry and was really interesting for a Potter fan! There were even information boards which told you all about filming for the series. They only used the cloisters, and they can be seen in Philosopher's Stone, Chamber of Secrets and Half-Blood Prince.

Of course I had to wear a Potter t-shirt for the occasion! This one has a giant picture of Ron's face on. As you do. 😂

Do you recognise it? If you don't recognise the corridor, you'll almost certainly know this wall:

The message about the Chamber being open from The Chamber of Secrets was written here! I got a little bit excited, if you can't tell. 😂

I absolutely love seeing locations from the films, it really brings them to life, and makes you feel like you're in them! I keep trying to visit Lacock Abbey (the cloisters were used as Hogwarts in Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts and the town was used as Budleigh Babberton), but every time I plan to we get a heatwave! Hopefully I'll get to go at some point this summer!

Don't let the Muggles get you down! ⚡


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