Baking Weasley Jumper Biscuits!

Hello, and happy Tuesday!

This past weekend I made some very magical treats, so I thought I'd share them with you today! Not literally, unfortunately, as I have already eaten them all!

For a little while last year I had a subscription to the Geek Gear Wizardry box, and I loved getting surprise Potter goodies every month. When we realised we would be closing the shop, I stopped my subscription so I could save a bit of money beforehand, but while I had my subscription I got some fabulous things, including lots of magical recipes! I have been meaning to try them out for a while (especially the biscuits and chocolate frogs!), but it was something rather unexpected that made me finally take the plunge.

You might recall from a previous post that I work on the social media team for SpeakBeasty. For a little while now, we have been discussing hosting Common Room Correspondents parties live on our Youtube channel, where patrons of the podcast who have access to the SpeakBeasty common room can meet to discuss episodes of the podcast and add their thoughts.

After quite a bit of organising (when everyone's in different time zones it can get complicated!), we had our first livestream 4 weeks ago, and it was SO much fun! I love nerding out with my friends about my favourite podcast! We are aiming to do one every other week (on the off-week of the podcast). 

In order to cover all the parts of the episode we are discussing, we have developed different segments of the livestream, and my favourite is definitely "tea and strudel with Dougal!" For this, we bring together all the theories in the episode and see if they have come true or not, which I found so interesting! As this section is named after a baked treat, we have started bringing our own treats out, so for the second livestream I wanted to bake something special.

I looked at all the magical recipes, and while I was very tempted by the butterbeer fudge, unfortunately it contained butterscotch pieces which are tricky to find in the UK, so instead I settled on Weasley jumper biscuits. The recipe came with the cookie cutter too, and didn't have many ingredients, so it seemed pretty simple for a very novice baker like me!

I actually baked these with my best friend Hannah, and we had a lot of fun doing so! It was trickier than we anticipated (when is it not?), as even though the ingredient list was short, some of it was difficult to find and had to be substituted. As a result, the mixture was probably a bit more wet than it was supposed to be, making it difficult to roll and cut! Surprisingly, they still came out very well, and taste fantastic: just like Christmas!

They did look a bit like jellyfish before they were iced, but once they'd been decorated they looked pretty good, if I do say so myself!

The icing was supposed to be very fancy, and look just like knitwear, but we just used normal powdered sugar icing. They're definitely not perfect, but I love them anyway!

We actually ended up having so many technical issues with the second livestream, so it was very nice to have some yummy biscuits to munch on while I dealt with them! If you watch it on YouTube, you can see me sneakily eating them! For the next one I am thinking of making salted caramel chocolate frogs. 🐸 Yum yum!

Until next time,
Don't let the Muggles get you down! ❤️


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